Lakhs Of Affordable Dwelling Units To Be Constructed In Newly Announced 109 Sectors In Land Pooling Zones.

DDA P2 Zone


The NCT of Delhi has been divided in 15 planning zones (divisions) designated from ‘A’ to ‘P’ (except Zone-I) in the Master Plan for Delhi-2021. As per Master Plan for Delhi 2021 P – 2 zones covers an area of approximate 8534 hact. The area under biodiversity park etc. (about 340 hact. area) falls in this zone ‘O’ which has been excluded from the zonal area of Zone P-II, which remains 8194 hact. Zone ‘P-II’ (North Delhi) has a heterogeneous character having rural areas, certain villages and unplanned areas and few planned areas.

Land Pooling is a new antecedent for the urban development of Delhi, wherein the private sector will play an active role in assembling land and developing physical and social infrastructure. Under the Land Pooling Policy, flats will first be built in the N and P-2 zones. In these two zones, farmers have shown the highest interest in registering land.

Urbanisable areas of Urban Extension of National Capital (K1, L, N, P2 Zone):

K1, L, N & P2 Zones will be developed on 20,000 to 22000 hectares of land. Under land pooling policy, landowners can build pools of their land and develop it under the master plan. 4th September 2019, 5,348 hectares of land have been registered under the policy. Most of the land has come in the N Zone, where 2,823 hectares of land has been registered. The second number is the P-2 zone. 1,070 hectares of land have been registered here. The third number is L Zone, where 1,251 hectares of land has been registered.

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